25 January 2017
The First G.I. Joes

Grilled International finally got their first recruits today, with Tajit bin Mohd signing two foreign youngsters fresh out of their respective academies. First among them was 18 year-old American Felipe Martínez, a big Californian lad originally with Division Five club Tyrion Lanister. Following him was Hungarian 17 year-old László Kammer, from Budapest's Piluventus Gönc TC.

There was the suggestion that Tajit was eyeing certain raw physical attributes with Martínez and Kammer, and the Grilled International head coach did little to downplay such speculations. "The modern game calls for a certain degree of heft." he noted. "As a new side starting out, we require robust trainees who can be expected to take the bumps."

This evidently did not include fellow targets, Spaniard Juan Urruchi and Swede Hassan Awny, whom eventually went to Molino F.C. and FC Cosenza 82 respectively. Tajit refused to comment further on these misses. "We're basing our search decisions strongly on fit, here."

He however then went in the other direction with his third signing, slight Dutch teenager Tommy Dongelmans; originally with hometown team Fc Midvoor, the Rotterdam-born Dongelmans would join up over strong interest from Argentinean sixth division league leaders Club Mufasa.

"The boy has very quick feet, in that he's more similar to kids from here, in his characteristics." Tajit observed. "Quite a keen kid, and cheeky too!"

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