21 November 2016
Haron & Zhong Go

Farmer Bunnies apprentice defenders Zaafarani Haron and Zhong Hui Teck finally confirmed their new gigs today, as the 18 year-olds began their professional careers proper. Newly-formed local Division Four club Sinha had initially offered to take both on free transfers, an offer that the duo were happy enough with.

But as fate turned out, Haron would be destined for a more exotic path. With a day to go, he would be sounded out by Danish Division Six leaders FC Ikke I Kirke Om Søndagen, who were reportedly taken by his versatility. And then, hours before his decision was due, a call came from Turkish outfit Beşiktaşk_06, together with generous terms.

Beşiktaşk_06's history would prove irresistable for Zaafarani in the end. "Sinha and Søndagen are good destinations, but it was just too tempting to work with an established organization." he said. "They just didn't have someone like Carmine Derosas as a potential mentor, and I feel that this is very important."

And thus, the fledgling Z&Z partnership had to be split up, with Zhong headed for Sinha as initially planned. Hui Teck would take it in his stride.

"Well, there're perks associated with staying home. I won't have to give up my favourite Hokkien mee, for one!"

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