06 November 2016
Teng At The Fore

Burly Chicken Wings graduate Teng Lee Xin gained the honour of being the first transfer of Peruvian Fifth Division entrants Cienciano Del Cuzco. today, as he led a pack of nine trainees identified by the club's head coach Toshiki Ota.

With six goals in his fifteen official starts for the Wings, Teng had progressed through the academy ranks promptly, with chief scout Tham Beng Li of the opinion that he was an early developer. "Teng may find it harder going when the rest of the boys catch up, but he has got the attitude to deal with it."

The free transfer comes as several other well-qualified teenagers from the Birds' youth network continue to seek gainful employment, with Teng's senior Khaw Ze Jian reported to have just made the decision to turn pro. While widely regarded as a fine wide prospect too, some have speculated that Khaw's relatively advanced age might work against him.

As for the Rancher Rabbits, defenders Zaafarani Haron and Zhong Hui Teck have placed themselves on the market, but the popular "ZZ" partnership have yet to attract suitable offers. Bunnies head coach Sikong Darong had hinted that there might be an opening in the senior squad, but as far as is known, there has been nothing concrete on that end either.

Zhong for one is not giving up hope easily. "We just heard that Cheung (Hao An) had just moved to Kim Tae Hee FC yesterday, after spending a few years abroad. He didn't have it easy starting out either, and I don't see why we can't do the same!"

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