Purmei Inc. 2 - 6 Grilled Birds
Cup, Sapphire (Round 3), Season 6302 November 2016 05:15 HTT
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Run Down By Spurs

Grilled fan Clarence Lai, 37, admitted to fearing the worst when the team went 0-2 down early on, but was heartened by the Birds' resilience. "I was like, oh no, not again, but they proved me wrong. It was great work by Tian Yonghang to keep the players together, today."

The skipper himself was just relieved that they didn't have to resort to extra time. "Those were very bad conditions for the knees out there, and I didn't want us to stay on for a minute longer than necessary. It was a fine final burst of effort from the guys, Purmei could well have hung on to penalties otherwise."

The day would also see the end of the Bunnies' Sapphire ambitions, however, as they missed out on the last sixteen after falling to Test Runz Spurs. Their Division Two foes would strike three in three minutes in a whirlwind finish to the first half, and although Enzo Paolo Panzarino would reply from a counter, it was far too little, too late.

Spurs did not emerge from the encounter unharmed, though, as Low Da Tse and Roberto Vázquez suffered minor injuries that saw them withdrawn. Vázquez in particular is in a race to face Ambush F.C. next Wednesday, going from the latest reports from their medical personnel.

Bunnies head coach Sikong Darong could not help but view this as an opportunity missed. "I thought that those were pretty soft goals that we conceded. Kind of... unorthodox. I didn't want to have to say this, but we let ourselves down big time."

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