Grilled Birds 2 - 3 Merlion F.C.
League, Season 8308 January 2023 04:30 HTT
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Survival Six To One

If last week had been a wake-up call, this week would be a reaffirmation, as Tian Yonghang conceded that this Birds squad had a long way to go. "Forget Division Two, we are basically an average side for this division at best." the head coach assessed. "Yes, our youngsters should get better, but Moey and the rest are going downhill, as they well know. Keeping our heads above water will be the priority for now."

Grilled Birds did at least maintain themselves above the line in fourth place, with Mayuyu AKB48 and tpyers getting beat by LKS FC and HEBFC Tonners FC to stay three points behind. LKS FC remained an unstoppable juggernaut as they flattened Mayuyu through four clear goals, while the Tonners slugged to a 5-3 away victory at tpyers, including a Tan Tse Kok hat-trick. Ocean's 1q climbed up to six points, as they defeated Cloud Palace again, 5-2.

Zibaye_Khofteh would reverse last week's loss to Farmer Bunnies at home, as a packed stadium watched Portuguese teenager Belmiro da Cruz score the only goal of the game in the 57th minute, off a clever interception. The Buns will have to kick themselves after spurning a host of chances in the first half, which had them counter frequently - and Vitaliy Efendiev bounce it off the left post in the 30th minute.

As with the Birds, Farmer Bunnies would tread water but in fifth, with Brighton UK concerningly widening the gap to five points to fourth place. They had an easy 3-0 over The EV, thus catching up with a Really McCoys side outplayed 2-0 by league leaders Mangrove Pittas. WhiteSandsMechs had Mateusz Gardoń complete his treble in the last minute as they thrashed the Plums 6-1, to stay hot on Pittas' tail.

Grilled International continued their Zürisee Winter-WM Cup 2022 tournament humbling with a 1-6 defeat to three-time Dawlat Qatar Sapphire Challenger Cup winners Doha Soccer Club, which had Hareth Al-Jaidah, Lin Ge and Nivaldo Serapião get a brace each, to Chua Jun Long's pacy 74th minute consolation. Chua's fire did carry over into the league, where he claimed his first career hat-trick at the age of 26, as International destroyed Alibori SC by the same scoreline.

With newly in-administration Ortega&Cabrerizo shocked 2-5 by Dundgovĭ Conquerors, this had International edge them on goal difference, though Twisted Bliss stayed six goals ahead with their 6-0 over Ponyhof. "We all know what it will come to." Chua shrugged. "Not to put down the other clubs, but it's going through the motions before that."

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