Merlion F.C. 6 - 0 Grilled Birds
League, Season 8301 January 2023 04:30 HTT
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Safari Over Alibori

Tian Yonghang could only share a rueful handshake with Mohorović at the end, as he admitted that nothing he could have done, was likely to have made a difference. "Their squad is simply far more advanced than ours, at the moment." the Grilled head coach claimed. "Sure, we could have parked the bus, but we are really not suited to that either. I am not looking forward to next week's return fixture, before you ask!"

This sentiment would be shared by Birds stopper Aw Keng Chuan, who was resigned to being able to do very little against the Merlions' dynamic combination. "It's a pain when you come up against guys who know each other that well." he grumbled. "Sure, I have experienced it with our veterans when training, but no disrespect intended, they weren't at their career best those times."

There would be no change in Grilled's league position at least, with Mayuyu AKB48 succumbing to a Joaquin Leiva hat-trick, as LKS FC extended their lead at the top to three points with a dominating 5-0 win. tpyers did however pull off an extremely unexpected 3-0 upset over the Tonners, while the face-off between Ocean's 1q and Cloud Palace - which guaranteed at least one of them their first points of the season - ended with the former claiming the 3-2 result, via Thong Tze Kuan's 67th minute winner off a corner kick.

Farmer Bunnies were unable to improve their predicament despite a win, on the other hand, as they remained two points off Brighton UK in fifth after a hard-fought 2-1 win against downtown club Zibaye_Khofte. Guan Min Kum gave the Buns a lucky lead with his lashed effort that got slightl deflected in the 25th minute, and Vitaliy Efendiev's follow-up three minutes later wa enough, despite Belmiro da Cruz making it interesting with three minutes left.

Above them, Mangrove Pittas would see off a serious challenge from Really McCoys, to remain top after Sebastian Knarr's strike saw them through. WhiteSandsMechs duly overtook McCoys by beating Forever Black Plum 4-2 playing away, while Brighton UK smashed ownerless The EV for five goals, fulfilling expectations.

Grilled International recorded a big win of their own versus Benin visitors Alibori SC, and like the Birds and Buns before them, failed to change their league spot in any way. Tochukwu Raimy potted from a corner in the 27th minute for Alibori after Sazwan bin Hj Muhd Salleh converted a soft penalty early on, and to rub it in, Sazwan would have his second penalty effort blocked, after being tripped up on his own shot attempt next.

Safari bin Hj Jali would nevertheless grant International the lead before half-time with an incredible volley from deep, and the skipper would score again the the second half, together with Osertz Indurain and Chua Jun Long. With Ortega&Cabrerizo prevailing 5-0 against Dundgovĭ Conquerors despite their own administration troubles, and Twisted Bliss going seven up against Ponyhof, however, this 5-1 would only leave International still in third.

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