Grilled Birds 2 - 1 Winnetou Reborn
League, Season 8225 September 2022 04:30 HTT
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All Four-Ones

It was closer than Tian Yonghang would have preferred it to be, but with TeamNigma pulling off a 3-2 away result against second-placed Lawrence, KS FC, the Birds are now just two points behind the latter. Not only that, both Harry Walker and Leocadio Angarita had to come off with admittedly minor knocks, which may further affect LKS FC against Mayuyu AKB48 for next week.

"To be clear, I am not expecting us to truly challenge for the title, at this stage of our development." Tian continued. "But with our new midfield coming along nicely, I'd be disappointed if we aren't there or thereabouts for the next season. Lim An Keng is coming along very well for one, and we have to of course congratulate Damian Hutter for today's winning goal. What a time to claim it!"

HEBFC Tonners FC stayed within three points of the Birds with a 4-2 home win against Mayuyu, whose brave comebacks by Rudolf Kefalín were eventually exhausted. Finally, Psyduck FC established a small safety buffer between themselves and the drop, as they wiped fc.tower by seven goals to one - a margin that the Birds should be looking to better next Sunday.

Farmer Bunnies recovered from their setback versus Brighton UK with a 3-0 triumph over the visiting Heaven Skys, who started the match a man down after administrative turmoil. Lim Su Liang was not prepared to be merciful as he notched a brace, though they left it very late with his second and Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany's contribution only happening in the final five minutes.

That did keep the Buns level with Brighton UK on points, after they shocked runaway leaders 4-0, in a quite unexpected development. This has made it very tight at the top, with both Really McCoys and Mangrove Pittas now within striking distance of first place too, after their respective five-goal wins against the Plums and headache respectively.

It was stumble after stumble for Grilled International, sadly, as they followed a 1-4 league loss to Livius International, with more of the same at French IV.55 competitors UNION SPORTIVE CARMAUSINE, in the Battle for Division IV tournament. Osertz Indurain came up with a belated poach after Kyle Jensen (twice), Angelo Becchetti and Christof Ritzman had all but guaranteed Livius their win, as IV.54 fell 1-2 on aggregate to their neighbours, with Henning Rehbock racking up a hat-trick for Cachoeira FC against Yeshua, in a 5-0 rout. The Sun men defeated International HT 5-3, but it was too late.

If International need to clear it all out, they will at least have some extra cash after Besar bin Hj Zaim moved for the second time in a week, on from Italian VI.353 side janfreenk to German Division Four leaders No_Nations, for S$9.43 million. "I guess that stage might have been just a bit too small for him." one pundit quipped.

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