Arrogancae 0 - 6 Grilled Birds
League, Season 8009 January 2022 04:30 HTT
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Marguerittes Gang Up

This would be the Birds' record winning margin over Arrogancae, surprassing their 5-0 in Season 45, but Bakhtiar could sympathize as he recognized their commitment to restructuring. "They seem in much the same position as the Buns right now." the Grilled head coach noted. "A more passive approach is always a problem when not yet developed, and they paid for it today."

The victory raised Grilled to second place after the Ang Mohs took SingaStyle down a peg with a 4-2 home win, that saw Eduardo Carlos Angel come up with a brace. Club Dinosauria's troubles continued as they slipped up against Ramseille Volliard FC, though Ramseille would also suffer a concerning groin injury to Norwegian veteran Steinar Ramberg. Finally, Moeinsingapore got back to winning ways by defeating Blacksail Team 3-1, with Blacksail's Alberto José Apicce now suspended after being sent off late.

Bakhtiar observed that the club's next six fixtures will all be against opponents in the top half of the table right now. "The real challenge starts here."

There was little to shout about Farmer Bunnies' match against the previously-undefeated H0u9ang R0ver5 in III.9, with both teams far from eager to take the initiative. The Buns were further frustrated by the continual breakdown of their counters, and Iranian goalkeeper Mohammad Pouria Akbari Rad's form against Vitaliy Efendiev. They did wind up with full points, as Lim Su Liang became their saviour, with the winning strike in the 64th minute.

This fourth straight league win sees the Buns now heading up the league, though they remain closely followed by Kungfu 11 and Dragon Devil's - who won against headache and Leeds Celts respectively - without mentioning R0ver5 themselves. As for Really McCoys, they would gain a much-needed first victory, as they swept Rain Walkers 3-0 with Enzo Brandsteder dominating in midfield.

Grilled International would taste defeat on Saturday in the Battle for Division IV tourney against Marguerittes Olympique of IV.23, as the Italians outgunned them 6-4. Ottaviano Penazzo and Peppe Castagnaro made for an irresistable tandem, with Hardi bin Besar doing very well too from right attack, but not quite enough. IV.54 would like the Singapore II.4 manage a draw, though, with The Sun men beating Holland Park East thanks to a Mustafa El Arabi brace from behind, and Al Khanal holding No gun but Roses FC 2-2.

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