14 January 2022
La Hermosa Take Punt

Costa Rican III.10 club La Hermosa made a Wings trainee very happy today indeed, after they offered 17 year-old midfielder Lim Qiang Loong a developmental contract. Largely regarded as a marginal talent by Grilled's own scouts, Lim's natural pace would turn out to have an admirer in La Hermosa's French head coach Francis Berthier, who would recruit him alongside Toronto Azzurri's Stephen Dickson and Gjógv Bóltfelag's Torstein Eið on free transfers.

Lim professed to be eager to hit the ground running, having being rejected by JR Youth, before Mok Feng De gave him an opportunity with the Chicken Wings. Mok would be the first to admit that the youngster was not quite amongst the best that he had brought to the academy, but also that luck and effort could make up for a lot.

"If you'd asked me if Qiang Loong would win a pro contract, to be honest, I would have guessed no." Mok said. "There were just too many other lads who were no less good, who fell by the wayside. But he's taken the next step again, and who's to say he will be stopped?"

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