Grilled Birds 2 - 2 KFC Tielen
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 8007 January 2022 19:05 HTT
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Delicate Dihania

The opening round of the World Battle tourney saw Singapore's II.4 share the points with the Belgian II.2, thanks to Club Dinosauria edging fellow former Challenger Cup winners FC Bekegem 4-3, in a match that also threatened a comeback. Faust Salvans's brace was enough, as it happened. The remaining match was nowhere as close, with an uncompetitive Moeinsingapore second team falling 1-5 to Antwerp club Katelijne.

Farmer Bunnies had just confirmed that they would be sitting out the competition for the season, partly due to a lack of interest from other sides in III.9, and partly to concentrate on rebuilding efforts. "We have more important priorities." head coach Dalibor Kostadinović affirmed. "Perhaps next year?"

Grilled International would stay in touch with Al Khanal at the top of IV.54, as they recorded a 4-1 home result over Romanian representatives Dihania. Nicu Seceanu gave the visitors a shock lead in the ninth minute from a sharp left-sided attack, but a flurry of goals in the middle of the first half won it for International. Hardi bin Besar added one more in the 53rd minute, to claim two from the match.

Seceanu's lack of popularity at Burung Memorial Stadium would take a further blow late in the match, as he crocked homegrown defender Zaini bin Hj Kaling. While Italian referee Simone Vigetti let Seceanu off with a yellow card, word is that Zaini is looking at a long period off - maybe over a month - to recover from this knee injury.

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