Sarcastic Fringeheads 6 - 4 Grilled Birds
League, Season 7928 November 2021 04:30 HTT
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Duncan Slays Bunnies

It was therefore Villains F.C. to edge a very exciting last round of the S-League for their first title, which left Random Curiosity FC - who had been leading the pack at the start of the day - in fourth. Fringeheads and Haha did their jobs, but could not make up the deficit at the end.

Chan Ze Han congratulated the new champions. "This was not our season, and Villains proved themselves the best in the competition. I can't say I'm happy that it ended like this for us, but they deserved it."

Haha's Italian forward Giuseppe Ghiringhelli won the Golden Boot with an additional goal against United today taking his total to nine, ahead of United's Pierre-Étienne Marguet, and Grilled's own Moey Xin Seng. Still, it had to be an achievement really for the 36 year-old captain to even be in the running, all the more as he generally plays midfield these days. His starting all fourteen league matches - a testament to his reliability - probably helped more than a little, though.

The Birds will now concern themselves with their qualifier against Joker 9 to remain in the S-League, and whatever happens, there will have to be much soul-searching over at The Cooking Pot. There have even been some whispers of the club entering rebuild mode with so many of their main men getting on in years, but it remains to be seen how Bakhtiar and the board will manage the required transition.

And over at Kungfu Palace, Kungfu 11 shut the Buns out 2-0 having already captured the III.9 title at the start of the day. Local playmaker Alex Duncan excelled from dead balls, converting first a penalty and then a free-kick, as the hosts pressed their visitors to a standstill otherwise.

Defender Lim Su Liang complimented the victors, and wished them the best against Tampines Phoenix F.C. in their promotion game. "But really, I just don't want to face them any longer." he joked.

Grilled International salvaged a very poor season somewhat with a fighting 6-5 home win over Rohan, that had strikers Ragib Banović and Tibor Atzenhain plunder braces at Burung Memorial Stadium, together with the Spanish club's Sebastian Mihali. It would take 83 minutes for Li Xin Chi to finally put the stopper on the contest, as he dribbled inside and then past Selmane Outbi, before slotting it into the corner.

Banović felt it a fair omen, for their own qualifier against Utah-based V.80 winners Knights of Dol Amroth. "From what I hear, they operate in a pretty similar way. We will be up for it."

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