Grilled Birds 5 - 0 West Coast Point Automat
League, Season 7305 January 2020 04:30 HTT
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Bots Bring It

Victory at home sent Grilled Birds three points clear of West Coast Point Automat in fifth place, with a tidy goal difference advantage to boot, and Hovaness Noubaryan signalled his intent for the Birds to end the season on a roaring high. "We have had far too many sloppy losses earlier - it's time to put an end to that habit."

Heavy favourites Ramseille Volliard FC are however now uncatchable by Grilled, as they all but sealed the title with a 5-1 taming of Singapore Big Dogs, who are now six points adrift. The Big Dogs will moreover have to contend with a knock to Romanian fullback Sorin Ciugudean. Joker 9 stayed two points ahead of the Birds by smashing Shoryuken FC, but with them up against Ramseille next, Grilled have a realistic shot of climbing into third place by the end of next week.

Things weren't going that well for the Farmer Bunnies, alas, as they slogged to a 0-2 loss to Bot Team FC, though they did hold out until Bahri Han chipped Vivian Grubenmann with twenty minutes remaining. Dalibor Kostadinović was just relieved at getting to the home strech, while still being above the automatic relegation zone. "I hope we recapture some of that early magic, against the same teams."

In other S-League fixtures, Arrogancae swept FC Barca Singapore 4-0 to climb to the top of the table, as Sarcastic Fringeheads relinquished the lead after being upset 0-2 at Haha. Arrogancae now have the opportunity to put both hands on the trophy, if they manage to defeat the Fringeheads on their home ground next Sunday. Random Curiosity FC however were left searching for their first win, as they suffered a tenth defeat, this time to seventh-placed KingofNoobs United.

Grilled International pulled off another win in their Division Battle matchup, as they beat the Maldives' POWER`S BEARD 2 by three goals, with Fausto Perono completing the rout in a frenzied conclusion to the first half. Didi Reidenbach, who had struck the second goal barely a minute earlier, would miss a penalty in the second half, but the final result would be 2-0 over the H.I. V.240 league, with Nice litle pingvin hammering New René five-nil, and Recife Sport drawing with Mullins Beach Club.

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