21 January 2020
Raghavan Goes Mental

Recent Chicken Wings graduate Raghavan Dugyala joined Rome club Mental Hearts on a free transfer today, as the seventh divisioners put through five transfers in a single day, in an effort to find their feet. According to manager Andrea Dreoni, he envisions Dugyala as a long-term defensive project together with Francisco Tienza Velasco, Rareş Fălcuşan, Pau Cabasés and Michel Arteaga.

Dugyala's scout Mok Feng De described the lad as an old-fashioned bruiser. "He's never afraid of a scrap, and although referees may have gotten more sensitive, there's something to be said for a defender that gets stuck in. You won't find many forwards that can shove Raghavan out of the way - next to none at youth level definitely."

Despite his favourite position being sweeper, the youth coaches saw fit to let Dugyala loose down the right wing in recent months, and he didn't disappoint with two hat-tricks in the league. They weren't exactly slick affairs, but as Mok emphasized, why rely on skill when you can just steamroll?

This raw vitality had deeply attracted head coach Qian Lianzhi of Chinese V.95 leaders LoveHan, and just-inaugurated Italian Division Eight side Tennis were also eager to have him as part of their first batch of inductees. Dugyala would be convinced by Dreoni's plans at the end, however.

The club spokesman meanwhile took the opportunity to inform the public about delayed website updates. "We've run into some technical difficulties. Hopefully they can be resolved soon."

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