Grilled Birds 10 - 0 Comore Dragons FC
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 7108 May 2019 04:30 HTT
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Reliving Former Glories

The Cooking Pot's titantron would broadcast the final ten minutes or so of the Emerald Challenger Cup, with the Farmer Bunnies having secured a comfortable 2-0 lead long before then. There would be no further goals as the Buns picked up the trophy, to much polite applause from the gathered fans, most of whom had stayed back for the spectacle.

"Well, we achieved it last season, so the memory remains fresh." Neeraj Muthyala commented. "We weren't all that far away this year either, but no excuses."

Muthyala was also apologetic about the ankle injury he inflicted on Salim Mramboini, with the Comore Dragons FC striker possibly out for the month. "There was no ill intent in it - it was just badly timed. I wish a speedy recovery."

About the other cup finals, reigning S-League winners Bot Team FC took the Singapore Cup in a 5-1 thrashing of KingofNoobs United last week, to hold both top titles at once. Fellow S-League side Ropelearner FC edged Arrogancae through Piotr Widzyk's extra-time stunner, for their second Ruby Challenger Cup. Dragon Devil's won the Sapphire Challenger Cup, 6-2 over Joker 9, while German-linked FG Alemannia 14 collected the Consolation Cup against Batok Earthquakes.

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