05 May 2019
Sagap, Hardi Freed

Grilled International kept to their proclaimed intent, as two of their trainees left on free transfers today.

First was 19 year-old wingback Hj Sagap bin Nuzli, who will be based in Veneto, Italy with newly-established Division Eight club Montezuma's Revenge. He joins Kawawe Kwamboka, Antoine Soanes and Kajetan Żydak as one of Venezuelan head coach David Avellaneda's first four signings. Somewhat unexpectedly, he was issued the Number Ten jersey.

Midfielder Hardi bin Hj Azman meanwhile went to established Bosnia and Herzegovina third division club Swansea_, who are admittedly struggling at their current level. Seeing as how splashing the cash had not worked out too well for them, they may well be considering starting afresh with youth.

Busy Bees scout Zulfadly bin Hj Ratano remembered Sagap as a competent defender, but an expert dead-ball specialist. "That boy has a great right foot on him, and that's no exaggeration."

As for Hardi, the word that first came to mind was tricky. "He's got an ordinary build, but the others hated going up against him - he'd turn this way and that, and you'd seldom manage to pin him down. A good skill to have, in the tight modern game."

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