Grilled Birds 7 - 0 Aranyes Eslovaques
International Friendly, Season 6707 March 2018 04:30 HTT
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Empire Evasion

Chan Ze Han's first hat-trick at senior level, albeit not in a competitive match, was cause for celebration among supporters.

"I know it may be asking for too much, but scoring a ton is probably the only thing Chan's missing right now." travelling fan Peter Peh said. "He's maturing on schedule nicely."

Over in the Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Farmer Bunnies crushed a neighbourhood side 8-0 despite starting with five at the back, after Nigerian Third Division hosts Imperial Nigerius had to call their friendly off, due to a scheduling mix-up. It was barely an exercise for the Buns, whose biggest enemy was the rain.

It remained something of a disappointment for the Bunnies defenders, who had been expecting a true test against top-notch forwards such as Marko Hildesheim. "Next time maybe." Kwek Yun Jie shrugged.

Grilled International might have hoped for something slightly easier someway into their game against RGV500 in constrast, as the Selangor III.13 leaders tore into them without restraint. Subhi bin Hj Ahmad's injury stemmed the tide for a time, after International's only goal - from Ragib Banović off a corner - had been answered twice in quick succession.

The home team got back going after Nikolaj Bruun made it 4-1 from a 70th minute penalty, and they would find four more goals after that, as International wilted under the pressure.

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