Grilled Birds 0 - 5 FC Platax
Tournament (Playoffs), Season 6705 March 2018 20:21 HTT
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Hovaness Noubaryan could have no complaints after his Birds were comprehensively owned by their French opponents. "What can I say? They left nothing open."

The Grilled head coach would defend his choice to start - and not substitute - Vikram Mudaliar in midfield. "Vikram should have been up to the job. I can't allow him to get set in his ways, not at his age. Dropping back is one of his biggest weaknesses as a striker, and he has to get over it to properly fulfil his potential."

The flag will now have to be carried by the Farmer Bunnies, who edged past tournament organizers VFL Mönninghof through Wong Ting Yew's 76th minute strike. Perhaps as a reaction to the weekend's shutout, Sikong Darong played both his main strikers this day, but their combined efforts amounted to a poor Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany moment towards the end of the first half.

That would not matter given Wong's breakthrough, and whoever emerges from the Buns' semi-final matchup with FC Platax must be accounted favourites for the final, or at least that was how Sikong Darong saw it.

"It'll be an intriguing game, that's for sure." the Buns head coach asserted. "And I fancy our chances."

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