Grilled Birds 6 - 0 Manchester "Boong" FC
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 5103 April 2013 04:30 HTT
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In Name And In Fact

Both teams stayed on the pitch to watch the final minutes of the Singapore Cup final on the Jumbotron after Vrtilka called an end to the proceedings, and the transmission cut over just in time to show Wilhem Larose clipping the top of the crossbar. Be Champions FC were 2-1 up by then, though, and they comfortably saw out the remaining time to lift the trophy.

The match developed as Woon Shun An had sagely forecast last week, with Ángel Badillo opening the scoring for Dodogado after they successfully contained Champions in the first half-hour. However, this began to get harder and harder to keep up, and Foo Ah De completed his penance by lashing in a technically-exquisite volley after Dávid Budai had done well to get the ball into the box.

The second half was nowhere near as close, as Dodogado simply ran out of ideas on the few occasions that they had the ball, and although Wilhem Larose got the all-important second through a hammered free-kick, one suspects that they would have prevailed anyway, with Dodogado not having a recorded attempt on goal.

Mohd Safri bin Mohd Kassim expressed his happiness for the new Cup champions. "This is what cup competitions are all about - the fairytale story." He could, however, not resist letting his ambition show through. "And it makes me think, we're due for another one. Right?"

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