JUtd 4 - 1 Grilled Birds
League, Season 5131 March 2013 04:30 HTT
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Something's Wrong

While Grilled's third league defeat of the season didn't affect their league position, as draws between CCP and SpartanSG, as well as newbies and Rapala FC kept things tight, Birds fans could not help but be concerned at Mohd Safri bin Mohd Kassim's behaviour.

"He's clearly not himself." one was overheard saying while leaving the stadium early. "But if it's physical, then how could he have done so well against btfly on Wednesday? It can't be dengue, can it?"

Niculae Stanca kept mum about his top striker, who also declined comment, preferring instead to credit JUtd. "Games aren't decided by one man, though Senesi came close to disproving that today. They were just a very good team who put it all together. No shame in losing when that happens."

That may well be, but Grilled cannot afford to drop too many more points if they are still eyeing the title, as Stanca acknowledged. "Nothing less than victory against league leaders Rapala FC will do now, if we want to be taken as serious contenders."

There was a bright spot elsewhere as the Chicken Wings' newest recruit burst on the junior scene with two goals on his debut against Dead Poets Society, arguably outshining even the much-mentioned Santosh Manik. Fang Tong Rong is his name, and the youth coaches are already raving that the two could form the best strike partnership ever seen at the academy.

"He's that good." proud scout Tham Beng Li said, as he watched his latest protege. "You know the level at which we would be pleased, if our trainees achieved it before they left? Well, Fang reached it before he arrived. But don't tell him that just yet, he still needs to put in the minutes."

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