Rapala FC 7 - 4 Grilled Birds
League, Season 5107 April 2013 04:30 HTT
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That's It Then

Most of the Grilled players looked positively miserable as they filed off, and Niculae Stanca confirmed what they were thinking - that their chance had gone. "Well, we could still get to 26 points if we win our remaining three matches, but I doubt Rapala will miss that mark, with the run that they are on, even if they do have CCP, Jutd and SpartanSG to play."

newbies fell off the pace too after they lost 3-2 to the Spartans, after Giulio Bollini had given them a two-goal lead in the first half. However, Joachim November finished off an inventive free-kick play in the 74th minute just as SpartanSG seemed resigned to their fate, and five minutes later, Swen Gemeinhardt popped up with the winner.

Ditto CharlesCheesePie, whose rampage up the ranks was halted by TTTNW. Faced with a solid five-man defence, Pies simply could not find that extra something to break through, and they were taken out through goals from Michelangelo Petter and Nicolas Marissal after fatal lapses. TTTNW are now just four points from a playoff game.

Finally, Robbie Football Club followed up their first win with yet another point, as they dug in to hold favoured JUtd 1-1. The former S-League club have gone fully defensive in outlook, and while that may not win them many new fans, it was something of a miracle that Lin Kian Jing could even get in sight of goal to nod in the equaliser for the visitors, so suffocating was Robbie's setup.

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