Grilled Birds 2 - 0 allsports
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 5120 March 2013 04:30 HTT
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Interest Elsewhere

The Grilled squad could be forgiven for racing down the tunnel a little more quickly than usual after some hasy shirt-swapping, as one of the most intriguing Singapore Cups in recent seasons approaches its finale.

Be Champions FC and Dodogado did indeed make it through to the semifinals, the Champions again looking very good in dispensing with singnet_utd 4-1. More incredibly, they made it after important midfielder Foo Ah De got sent off for a second yellow in the eleventh minute, but U-20 colleague Feng Shifang stood up to be counted, and captured the imagination with two goals in a massive do-it-all display.

Dodogado had to wait till the 14th minute of extra time, when Pablo Gabriel Sena's qualities came to the fore yet again. The scorer of a brace against Grilled in the SG Super Cup VII semifinals got the golden goal this time, albeit off a controversial penalty that had the Batavia players mob the referee after its conversion.

Champions will now face Kim Tae Hee FC, who were likewise taken beyond the ninety by akodo, and must feel good about their chances against an opponent who displayed similar characteristics to singnet_utd.

Dodogado for their part are up against Team Remy83, whose cracker of a game versus Ropelearner FC ended with a bang as Geo Hogaş made certain with a second goal in the 89th minute, leaving a distraught Jorge Alfredo Paes Filho to refuse to give the ball up as he argued a foul in the build-up. The Brazillian forward eventually had to be escorted off by teammates after his expulsion.

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