Grilled Birds 4 - 3 newbies are newbies
League, Season 5124 March 2013 04:30 HTT
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Riis Sets

At home against newbies will now be one of Tian's favourite fixtures, with his only other league hat-trick coming in the 6-2 win back in Season 48, but the league joint top scorer would only say that he had a good game.

"It's always a pleasure to score, what more score thrice, and to do it against a strong team is a bonus." Tian said, clutching his prize. "And hey, I can always do with a free ball around the house!"

Grilled remain third with newbies ahead on goal difference, while Rapala FC took over at the top by hammering TTTNW in a brutal contest that saw TTTNW's key striker Max Radenne suffer a fractured leg which will see him out for at least a month. As if that were not enough, the game also likely saw the end of 39 year-old Danish goalie Kalle Riis's career, after he broke his ankle trying to clear late in the game.

Riis had starred in all seventeen of TTTNW's matches against Grilled, picking up the Man Of The Match award four times, and former head coach Luis Alcántara mourned the loss of a great advertisement for the discipline. "We could probably have won the S-League title at least once, had it not been for him. That was how good he was."

Rapala didn't get off completely either, as former U-20 playmaker He Wenyang should be unavailable against newbies next Sunday for their top-of-the-table clash, meaning that both clubs will be without their hearts in midfield.

Next opponents JUtd were solid if lacking that little extra against SpartanSG, falling 3-1, while Robbie Football Club finally claimed their first league goal in going ahead against the Pies. New American signing Chad Okeefe became an instant fan favourite with a cheeky quick free-kick on his debut. After that, national striker Zulharisan bin Mamud had to come off with a knee concern, but Lai Yau Meng and Luigi Leanza gave him peace of mind with two goals in the following two minutes.

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