Grilled Birds 1 - 0 Tampines Phoenix F.C.
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 5118 March 2013 06:41 HTT
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Weather Whether

Despite being the flavour of the day, lu Zunwen admitted that the match should probably not have been started. "It's been like that for the past few days. With snow, at least it doesn't get into your boots so much. Each of them must have weighed several kilograms by the end."

Conditions were scarcely better elsewhere, but Fafane Club and Be Champions FC both managed to find the net three times. Ho Seh Liao will be disappointed after their defence proved not to be as watertight as thought, while Super Cup holders Scallop Soccer Team were beaten on the break by Champions. This combination of scorelines means that Grilled are in a very good position, three points clear at the top after two games.

Group A's Random Curiosity FC are the only other side to also have full points, achieved by stomping Team of Semipro 5-0, Antoine Bos recording a first-half hat-trick. Edbe and Dodogado are unbeaten on four each with whitewashes of Kampung United and Marina Bay Sands respectively, and it is hard to see past these three teams for the two semifinal slots.

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