CharlesCheesePie 6 - 3 Grilled Birds
League, Season 5117 March 2013 04:30 HTT
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Niculae Stanca took responsibility for the defeat, already Grilled's second in the league this season, as he admitted that Shiya Shaahee was not the best man for this job. "Shiya's been excellent, and I thought to reward his hard work by letting him have the chance to make an impact, but on hindsight the conditions were not there. Zunwen was steady if quiet, and we might have stayed in it had we just continued as was."

Woon Shun An, who scored Grilled's go-ahead goal, was disappointed too. "CharlesCheesePie were a completely different animal today, but I still felt that we had their number when my shot went it. We completely lost it in the second half, though."

The loss meant that newbies and newbies together with Rapala FC both leapfrogged Grilled in the league table, as they kept clean sheets in convincing home wins against JUtd and Robbie Football Club respectively. JUtd were a shadow of the team that held newbies last week, and Huang Kangyan essentially wrapped it up by the 32nd minute as he made it 3-0.

Robbie Football Club have been steadily rebuilding, with Greek defender Konstantinos Maragkozis their latest buy, but they were four down by the time Tiberio Frizzi got sent off for Rapala. Gianrico Persicchio had a great opportunity to be remembered for breaking his club's league scoring duck, but an uninspired finish means that they are now forty to nothing.

TTTNW moved another step closer to safety as they drew level with SpartanSG with their biggest win of the season yet. Max Radenne showed what he is capable of, with a quality brace in the 6-1 home win, while Nicolas Marissal had two too. However, Michelangelo Petter is a doubt to face Rapala FC after taking a knock to his knee.

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