Royal Sandrats IF 5 - 2 Grilled Birds
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 8113 May 2022 19:05 HTT
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Anam Saves Ghana

The Birds would again let their leaguemates down, with their loss to the Sandrats limiting the Singaporean II.4 league to a draw against their Syrian competitors. Random Curiosity FC did what they had to with a third win on the trot in the tournament - 3-1 over Desert VIKINGS - who played the final half hour a man down with Mahmoud Safadi dismissed for a second yellow. Arcturules on the other hand were made to sweat, before securing a three-all versus Outremer C.F.

Chan Ze Han would be lauded for his incredible solo goal at least, with the Grilled icon seemingly having won a few supporters in a faraway land. That, then, meant more than a few shirts and personal effects to sign, before getting on the team bus.

Over to Grilled International, they had to settle for a disappointing home draw against roter stern ghana, with Zaini bin Hj Kaling's physical strike in a busy first half, cancelled by Kwadwo Anam's 51st minute breakout. What made it hurt all the more was that Hardi bin Besar should have made it 2-0 by all rights just before that, but he somehow clattered it strongly off the post, from all of two yards.

This would have International drop to sixth as Al Khanal smashed Funs of OL 5-0 on the back of a Qassem Al-Nuaimi hat-trick, but they will at least have the consolation of facing seventh-placed Maas en Waal United next. "It sounds bad, but we are actually still only five points off the top." captain Safari bin Hj Jali pointed out. "Still two points dropped unnecessarily, I admit."

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