World Marbles Federation 4 - 2 Grilled Birds
Tournament (Playoffs), Season 7518 September 2020 18:00 HTT
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The Vastness Out There

Grilled Birds were not alone in crashing out of the Supporter Week Trophy, as Singapore's other representatives Sarcastic Fringeheads also lost to The Pacific Premier titans Meerkats Athletic, by the same 2-4 margin. Fringeheads were up 2-0 by the 25th minute owing to their fluid attacking, only to be worn out by Athletic in the longer run.

To this, head coach Eren Serpin could only say that there remained a very long way to go. "It's one thing to hold our heads high after capturing both domestic titles, but the fact is that we are still a ways from the top club sides internationally. I mean, I believe that we can give most of them a run for their money, but the odds won't be pretty."

On the follow-up question as to whether the Birds would continue strengthening their squad in that case, Serpin hedged. "We're coming to diminishing returns now, and I don't want to tinker too much with the balance that we've built up. We'll be keeping our eyes out for deals, as always, but there aren't that many great fits available; nor can we easily accommodate youngsters whilst being title contenders, which was why we allowed exceptional talents like Wee Ping Fu to leave in the first place."

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