Grilled Birds 8 - 1 Tsunami JRM
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 7520 September 2020 04:30 HTT
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Omens & Targets

Distinct as their attainments in the just-ended seasons were, the Grilled clubs would at least uniformly close it on a winning note, with the Farmer Bunnies defeating Uruguay III.14 club, and former Copa Consuelo holders FC Peñarolense by four goals to one at home. Lim Su Liang would be thrown into his debut on the right side of a new generation of Bunnies defenders, leaving Djoko Tambusai to get forward a lot more on the left flank. Tambusai would supply Nurlan Ablaev for the opener, and score himself in the last minute, right after Claudio Míguez's very late consolation.

Grilled International had managed to invite former Malaysian Lida Perdana winners Mirage Fighters to Burung Memorial Stadium, though their Spanish head coach Andreu Pallejà was clearly out to test an experimental lineup. International in general, and Fausto Perono in particular, were not prepared to be generous though, and the 28 year-old Italian would reap four goals in a selfish if glittering demonstration of the striker's art, towards a 7-0 win. This has also further put to rest talk that he had been unsettled at the club and is seeking a move out... at least for the moment.

The Birds and Buns took the opportunity to hold a joint conference afterwards, and Eren Serpin - indisputably the toast of Jurong, affirmed that Grilled were looking to win it all again. "It would be quite rude not to seek to defend that which we won, is it not?"

Dalibor Kostadinović was fairly open in admitting that he was something of a lame duck at Farmer Bunnies, but remained proud of his squad. "We have attained the S-League, and while I had hoped that it could have been more, I like to think that we have done what we could."

While the Buns must be favoured in Division Three, Kostadinović insisted that results were now secondary. "We do still have a very strong squad, and I daresay we should be going after the title, but it's really not our biggest priority right now. I will be seeking to leave the next head coach the best possible team, whoever it is."

Roar Olaisen has likewise lost the favour of the International support, but was in contrast more defiant about his tenure, speaking over videolink. "The last season was an aberration - we didn't regress that completely. All I ask is for the fans to give us another chance to set it right."

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