18 January 2023
Edgar Shakeup

Farmer Bunnies boss Vishnu Tallapaka wouldn't keep the fans hanging for long, as he announced the acquisition of 24 year-old Argentinean striker Edgar Popienia, for a modest S$2.4 million. Popienia had served with his first club Drink Fire - a bare few hundred metres from his doorstep in Buenos Aires - since turning pro at seventeen, and that following two good years in their DF 2 academy. That fit the profile of a lifer, and thus it was quite the surprise when he put in a transfer request, what more with Polish Number Ten Maciej Sirocki close to retirement.

Dutch head coach Theodorus Sloot was not known for lacking decisiveness, however, as could be seen from his previous abortive stint at de Gilzenaren that saw him quit after barely six weeks. The request was accepted, and the IV.29 strugglers would quickly move Popienia on to the Buns, once their asking price was met.

"It's a good bit of business." Tallapaka smiled. "No waiting, no messing about, just two clubs dealing straight. With Ibrahim and Mushtag probably retiring at the end of this season, Edgar will face little - maybe too little - competition to start together with Efendiev, at least when we play two up top."

Tallapaka refused to confirm rumours that the Buns had also been in for American hotshot journeyman Camron Brewer, who eventually signed for Denmark's 140159 MEMORANDUM PLHP 817 for just north of S$4.7 million. "I don't think that's relevant. We have got our man, that's all there is to it."

Popienia would reportedly not get on famously with the rest of the squad at first sight, however, with a few anonymous sources reporting that he had rubbed more than one of the youngsters the wrong way. He did get his way with his jersey number at least, with his old Number Thirty having sat unused since former player-coach Sikong Darong wore it, some thirteen seasons past.

Coincidentally, Jerad Meyer would go in the other direction to South America, as the fullback was signed by Colombian IV.16 leaders Academia Arsenal FC, for S$6.5 million. "It's a whole new world out there." the 23 year-old admitted. "But it's looking a nice one!"

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