Cloud Palace 0 - 6 Grilled Birds
League, Season 8322 January 2023 04:30 HTT
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Egidius Drums It Up

The 6-0 whipping had the Birds now nine points clear of fifth-placed Mayuyu AKB48, which should mean another season in III.1 - unless some very unexpected things happen. The Birds' next match against undefeated LKS FC should see them drop points, although it was difficult to tell what form the Tanglin side were in, from their equivalent sweep of Ocean's 1q.

Chan Ze Han rose to 15 league goals for the season with his hat-trick, which sees him already match his previous record for goals per season - eighteen - recorded as a 25 year-old. "We were mostly in the upper divisions then, but I have also never felt as natural, striking the ball!"

HEBFC Tonners FC's Gay Ah Soon and Tan Tse Kok join LKS FC's Joaquin Leiva as Chan's main competitions on ten goals, as the Tonners defeated Mayuyu AKB48 by four goals to one. tpyers would not overtake Mayuyu however, as they were themselves done in 1-6 by Merlion F.C..

For Farmer Bunnies, today's 1-1 away draw at league leaders Mangrove Pittas had to be accounted a good result, but it might have been more if Amirul Jufri Khairil had managed to keep it down in the first half - and if they had just held for a couple of minutes longer, and avoided giving away the free-kick that Wojciech Owocki scored from.

Otherwise, it was also as great a debut as Edgar Popienia could realistically have hoped for, as he supplied the combative - and at times, ill-tempered - graft that the Buns had been missing up front so so long. It was perhaps not a coincidence that the Pittas equalized right as he got subbed off, as they overcame a man disadvantage from Roderik Roboz's 59th minute dismissal.

The point did them little good in real terms, that said, with Forever Black Plum rising over them into sixth, after a 4-2 upset over Really McCoys. Zibaye_Khofteh also pulled within two points with a 4-0 against The EV, as things also tightened at the top with Brighton UK getting within a win of WhiteSandsMech, as they prevailed 3-1 playing away.

Grilled International struggled as usual in tournament play, with Swiss V.60 frontrunners Rasenballsport Richterswil steamrolling them 5-0 via Daniel Dâmbu and Feliciano Ibares braces. This was turned the other way round when they went up against a rudderless Ponyhof in the league, though, which saw Egidius van der Duin score his first couple for the club, towards a 6-0 win.

The Dutch youngster was over the moon at his unexpected haul. "It's finally happened!"

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