13 February 2020
Preseason Selloff

Business was brisk as clubs worldwide geared up for the new season, and the various Grilled teams would find new homes for four of their trainees on free transfers. From the Birds, there was 17 year-old defensive midfielder Peh Ying Yew, who spurned Romanian Division Five leaders -HRF-, for just-demoted German sixth division favourites kogge.

kogge had topped III.8 just four years back, which likely factored into Peh's choice. Chief scout Tham Beng Li described him as a curious case. "Ying Yew's a stopper by inclination, but you wouldn't have guessed that from how he manipulates the ball. It'll definitely help to make himself some space, but he has to be careful when to do that; sometimes, it's best to just get rid of the ball as soon as possible."

There were two departures from the Farmer Bunnies, with solidly-built midfield enforcer Shankar Gurjala leaving for French Division Six side Les Casseur flowters 77, on the same day as Dutch hopeful Jur Nederveld. The multi-dimensional Ahmad Rogers meanwhile was taken up by Hungarian Division Six club Darálunk és Védünk, over an initial bid from German Division Seven team VfL Bennemühlen.

Tong Han Kong, who had introduced the pair to the Rancher Rabbits, described them as quite complementary during their time in the youth squad. Tong would remark that Rogers didn't quite live up to all his potential, though. "He was tall, he could whip a mean free-kick, there was that hat-trick at Starogardzka_Juniors, the sky was the limit when he first arrived. Then he hit his ceiling. I hope the new environment helps him break through it."

And then there was Busy Bees custodian Juli bin Hj Yussof, who had kept their goal safe for quite some time. A few clubs had been eyeing him for months, and Racing de Bruxelles (Belgian Division Six) made a firm approach, together with Macondo SDP (Colombian Division Five). Juli would eventually opt for French sixth divisioners ES de la Tour, however, as he was sold on Swedish predecessor Filip Hammarblom's rapid development, leading to his recent departure.

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