West Coast Point Automat 1 - 8 Grilled Birds
League, Season 7317 November 2019 04:30 HTT
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Don't Wake Up

The one-sided thrashing had Grilled back in positive territory, both in the table and on goal difference, as they sprang back into the top half of II.4. Even better, they remain only three points behind the top, after Singapore Big Dogs dethroned Ramseille Volliard FC with a convincing 3-0 home win. Volliard defended solidly as usual, but the Big Dogs took their chances, and moreover coped well with the 64th minute departure of former U-20 winger Rajen Bhatnagar due to a suspected foot problem.

Joker 9 failed to make up ground on the front two, after they were held by Shoryuken FC. Shoryuken might have won too after they took the lead three times, the last in the 87th minute from teenaged forward Naim Mohd Jehan's intelligently-placed header. The Jokers weren't about to accept that, though, and salvaged a point in injury time through Desmond Anderson. Finally, ~Pollen~ played below expectations again in a 1-2 loss to Batok Earthquakes, as the hosts held on to their two goals in the first nine minutes.

Hovaness Noubaryan assessed Grilled's six points from four rounds thus far as an average start, but pointed out that they had been the only club in the league to have sustained a Singapore Cup run alongside league commitments. "What's most important, is that we have put that 0-5 wipeout well and truly behind us. If our wingers can get back on form, I have to favour us over just about anybody else in here."

The dream continued for the Farmer Bunnies in the S-League, as they quite incongruously ended the fourth week still in sole possession of top spot, and this after shutting the defending national champions out at home. Bot Team FC had lifted a major trophy in each of the previous three seasons, but even they failed to find any way past the Buns at a near-capacity Carrot Field. Brendan Leung never let Phang Lai Chuan out of his sight, to the extent that he had to be withdrawn for Stewart Russell after about an hour.

It didn't help the visitors, however, not against a Buns team determined to shut it all down, after Aswad Mohd Jafni had slipped through to give them the lead in the 19th minute, from an indirect free-kick. This, as it happened, would be their only shot on target for the entire game - and also the only one that counted.

Carrot Field became a carnival after referee Dimo Stoichkov blew for time, as the Buns became the only undefeated side left in the top flight. Dalibor Kostadinović was the very image of pleasure, as he credited his men. "Whatever happens for the rest of the season, I'll be proud of this team. They followed instructions to the dot, and they enjoyed their reward."

Captain Tham Leng Teck just wanted his mates to maintain the same resolution against Sarcastic Fringeheads next weekend. "If we pull off another upset... then I will start really believing!"

There was some disappointment for Grilled International, however, as they were knocked off their perch by an excellent Manchesthair United FC rearguard action. Many International followers had believed them to have mastered the English side's soak-and-strike by now, by they wound up losing 1-3 despite the hosts' Richard Paďour getting sent off for a second yellow card by the 38th minute. Louis Coleman impressed with some sharpshooting to claim a brace, with International's consolation arriving via Tibor Atzenhain.

Roar Olaisen pressed his team to set the record straight against R.R.R. Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel next, after the Austrian newcomers leapfrogged International by smashing K. Olsa Brakel by seven goals to one. "We are better than that, and the players know it."

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