Kim Tae Hee FC 2 - 0 Grilled Birds
League, Season 7017 February 2019 04:30 HTT
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Until Next Time

With Mia San Toa Payoh thrashing Joker 9B 9-0 according to script, today's loss by the Birds means that they have realistically captured the title, given that their last game is against the abandoned Be Champions FC. Grilled acting skipper Chan Ze Han was disappointed, but not too much.

"This was always quite likely to happen. Our battle is to maintain second spot now, and we will do all we can to reward our loyal support, next Sunday against United."

Noubaryan would choose to play up the bright spots. "Cyril Künzler and Massoud Dob were huge for us, and it's a shame that we couldn't score on some of our earlier chances. Bad luck for Vikram Mudaliar too, but we're optimistic he can recover to take some part in our post-season."

-= Manchester United =- for their part are in a position to overtake Grilled, after managing a slim 2-1 home win against Real Balmoral, who must now play a qualifier. The same goes for Robbie Football Club, now uncatchable by Joker 9B after their 7-0 sweep of BCFC.

As for the Farmer Bunnies, they would draw one-all with second-placed JUtd, preserving the eight point gap between the two. They took full advantage of JUtd skipper Alexandru Iosif's departure in the 41st minute to open through Sofian Azfar, but Jérôme Gérard equalized with ten minutes remaining. Kwek Jun Jie nearly dazzled with an outstanding lob, but was denied the winner by the crossbar.

As with Kim Tae Hee FC, JUtd's tactical choices played a big role in securing a result, as they pulled Vladimir Križnik into midfield. "That made it much harder to mark him out." Jon Benson admitted. "Third place is ours surely, but it just feels so underwhelming."

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