Grilled Birds 5 - 0 Real Balmoral
League, Season 7006 January 2019 04:30 HTT
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Terillions Torn

Hovaness Noubaryan could hardly have been more pleased about his team's performance. "Five goals, no cards or injuries, all according to script." the Grilled head coach gushed. "It can hardly get better than that."

The result also moved the Birds up to second place, after -= Manchester United =- fell 0-3 away at league leaders Mia San Toa Payoh. Tan Tong Leong, fresh off his winning goal for Singapore against Panama in the World Cup qualifiers, spurred Mia San on with a first-half double.

Kim Tae Hee FC nearly dropped points against Be Champions FC, who opened through Adnan Kodra, and were twelve minutes from registering their first league win of the season. Alok Jagannath and Rafał Chuchro saved KTH's blushes, in the end. BCFC would have Joker 9B for company in the relegation zone, with the latter losing 0-2 to Robbie Football Club.

As with Grilled Birds, the Farmer Bunnies had an ideal warm-up for their big Ruby Challenger Cup test, with the goals flowing in their derby against Terillions FC. Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany took only 27 minutes to get back in the scoring game after his return, and that was after a lackluster miss some ten minutes before.

The Buns had to wait till Vishnu Tallapaka's 79th minute free-kick to feel more secure, before an injury to Cristian Svantesson that shook the visitors to their core. Brendan Leung took a leave of absence from marking Cheah Qiang Kang to find a third goal, before Tham Leng Teck partnered with Nurlan Ablaev to conjure up a magical fourth.

The title remains out of reach with Ropelearner FC's perfect season extended to seven games, however, which Sikong Darong welcomed. "It's good in that there aren't any hard choices to make. Everything - I repeat, everything - now rests on Wednesday's match with littlehorse."

If the reporters were expecting some hints on how Sikong would approach the game, they were to be disappointed. "Yes, they were just beaten 1-3 by Oneteamtoplay, but I suspect they will be going into the cup tie with the same attitude as us. That's all I have to say."

Grilled International couldn't keep up as they lost 0-1 to V.231 frontrunners Schorschl, although Roar Olaisen was probably justified in insisting that they were hard done by. "Twelve chances, count them, twelve!" he said. "And they had only one attempt on target, in the fourth minute, and they scored from it!"

Fausto Perono was the worst culprit, as he was responsible for polishing off a good number of those chances, though to be fair Schorschl never made it easy. Didi Reidenbach was closest to salvaging a draw with his 70th minute free-kick, with Wang Chu Chi's late one-on-one against Clement Sârbovan a close second.

For Olaisen, all he wants is now a goal from Sunday's rematch. "Got to get this hoodoo behind us."

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