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12 December 2017
Feast And Famine

The first day of the Supporter Week Trophy saw huge swings for Grilled, as they split their wins with excessive margins. It began gloriously with a 9-1 whipping of Argentine Division Six side La 25 Futbol Club, in which Cyril Künzler bagged four times, inclusive of two penalties. The Birds were however then given a taste of their own medicine by former Canadian Polar Cup victors Red River Raccoons, with Mateusz Gierliński hat-tricking in a 7-0 whitewash.

The Birds recovered themselves against German seventh division club Inter Anholt, which saw Künzler again massive and ended 7-1 with Hoàng Trung Quá's 80th minute effort, but another shutout would be on the cards as Swiss Division Four 1.FC Malix played excellent defence, while retaining enough firepower to blow Grilled away four-nil.

Yuki Irie could not help but admire Trinidad & Tobago forward Paul Churnside, as the Malix starter explored both mundane and magnificent, in finding his two goals. "Churnside was one of the hardest men I've had to mark in a long time - he was just that versatile in style."

Farmer Bunnies fared rather better with their understated take-no-chances tactics, and recorded three narrow wins and a draw. Enzo Paolo Panzarino reminded all of his indispensability as he hit the winner in the victories, beginning with two in the 3-1 over Danish fifth division mainstays Aarhus C.. Indian Division Three club Shima Baba Ji proved a little harder to break down, and required a Jon Benson special from midfield to secure the one-all draw.

A 2-1 against English fourth division AFC Worksop then followed, with Owen Smith's 21st minute boomer nullified by Morgan Hu's header from Panzarino's corner, right before half-time. It seemed to be headed for a deserved tie, when Panzarino curled in a late free-kick beyond Hector Birmingham, to the despair of the Worksop fans. The superb Swede then contributed another last-gasp winner against Spanish Division Six side stevemashter, who had bravely survived countless incursions before his 81st minute volley.

Grilled International, not unexpectedly, did not have it as good, and they started with their only win of the day, a 3-0 over Spanish H.I. side Intercat that saw Micky bin Kadir again resplendent. Micky would not recover that form in a 2-3 loss to another Spanish side in Lirio de Oña, as Osertz Indurain and Romano Armellin picked up the slack. Two shutouts then followed, a 0-4 to German H.I. club Dortmunder Ravers, and finally 0-2 to Dutch Division Five Black Mamba 8-24.

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