16 December 2017
Ron On The Rove

36 year-old American defender Ron Murrell moved on from the Farmer Bunnies today, after twelve seasons as one of their starting members. He will return to the U.S.A to work with former Voyager Cup winners S.P.A.L. in a deal worth S$260000, as the storied New York club plot a return to the higher divisions.

It was understood that Murrell had been offered a position as an assistant coach with the Buns, but he quite understandably passed that up for a shot at a plum position with S.P.A.L.. "Sikong wasn't about to step down anytime soon, so I had to skedaddle." he joked. "Good luck to all the boys remaining here, they're on the cusp of some big things."

Murrell's reputation was such that he was spoilt for choice, with F.C DĄBROWA GÓRNICZA (Polish Division Five), Eendracht Adder Vooruit (Belgian Division Two), Los Gremlins atacan de nuevo (Spanish Division Six), FC Bandits 02 (German Division Seven) and Jeckenclub Oche Alaaf (German Division Eight) all dangling concrete offers, once he was officially transfer-listed.

The lure of the Big Apple was too much for the Pennsylvania native to resist, however. "I've got to say, Eendracht sounded like a heck of a project, but there's no place like home, eh?"

Another Bun struck out to begin his career proper, as 17 year-old winger Weston Lam caught the eye of SS Shinigami scouts. The Italian Division Six champions liked the jib of the lanky Lam, and he reciprocated their interest, choosing them over newly-founded Moldovan fourth division club FC Targa.

Lam was another of those from the school of hard knocks, as he had to practically beg Yip De Da to take him on two years ago, after successive rejections from Yagami High FC and West Coast Hawks. "Weston was so very earnest." Yip recalled. "And it worked out for him in the end."

Over in Brunei, FC Vorwärts Wettringen (Brunei) continued scooping up young talent from Grilled International, this time signing Fang Guanlong on another free; given by how Rahman bin Kamran is already angling for a transfer out, however, Fang must be aware that winning a contract may be one thing, but earning a starting spot is quite another.

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