Régia Paramaribo 1 - 8 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 5817 June 2015 23:10 HTT
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Hari The New Hope

Head coach Djan Bacelar, who travelled with the reserve squad for the first time in a while, was effusive in his praise for Hariharan Prabhu. "The lad is exceptional." Bacelar stated. "We only had a single training session with him before today, and he clicked, just like that. All that time abroad has done him a world of good."

"Regardless of how it turns out on Sunday, I am sure that the future here is bright." he continued, after a short pause. "The coaching staff are currently deep into discussions on mapping out Grilled Birds' next five seasons in detail, and the fans should expect to see exciting new faces at the club very soon."

Farmer Bunnies for their part fought to a credible 1-2 loss against ss peggy in their Faroe Islands trip, with Wong Ting Yew opening the scoring from Daniel Nguyen's inswinging corner in the 16th minute. They were unable to hold on as ss peggy retaliated in the second half, though, and Sámal Mørkøre equalised on the hour. Nashrullah Alim then blew Bunnies' best counterattack of the day, leaving substitute Torbjørn Wilhelm to be the hero with a bullheaded charge straight down the middle.

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