88 Tim Hobson
"The Goalmachine"
PositionCFAppearances45 (2)
Date of Birth4th FeburaryCompetitive Goals68 (50/18/0)
Height163 cmCompetitive Hattricks10
Weight60 kgFriendly Goals54
Blood GroupO+Injuries1
Cards0 Red, 15 Yellow
FromNundah Knights, SG$12 500 (Season 16)
ToJersey Number Reassignment (Season 57)

FromJersey Number Reassignment (Season 57)

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Legend of the team, stories of Hobson are yet repeated though his era is long over. Qi Haupai could not have imagined that his desperate acquisition from England would make such an impact on the team.

No one would pretend that his general skills were anything to crow about, and indeed for most of a game he would look almost clumsy on the pitch; His one talent was finding the net, and that he did with his superior heading technique, from free-kicks and penalties, from his trademark exhilarating long shots, and most of all from open play.

In only 29 league appearances he took 49 goals, and another eleven from twelve Cup games. It came as a blow to his hardcore fans when the "Natural Goalmachine" was removed from the first team, but it was clear that heart would not be enough to withstand the rigours of Division Three.

    Javatos Jumbled
    Homenagens Hold
    Ghost Resistance
    Two Lost Points
    Glittering In The Rain
    Hot On The Tail
    Tigers Take Nine
    Wolves Whistle
    Camuna Canning
    A Lesson In Red
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