Grilled Birds 2 - 1 Marina Tigers FAS
Cup (Round 2), Season 8415 March 2023 04:30 HTT
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Kampung Hunters

Scalping a Division Two team was more than Tian Yonghang had expected out of his trainees for now, and he would congratulate them for maintaining their nerve. "Tigers have one of the better dynamic countering games that I have seen at this level, and it's great to see the boys adapt." the head coach praised. "There's no pressure going onwards from here, every win is a bonus."

It was not to be for the Bunnies and Grilled International, with the Buns tumbling 1-2 to II.2 representatives, Kampung Reunited. The Woodlands giants lived dangerously in surviving Vitaliy Efendiev's rampage in the third minute, before going behind to Hwang Heng Chu's dallying in front of goal, four minutes after half-time. They came from behind thanks to Konsta Suurinkeroinen and then Kuba Urbanowski, though, and a late dismissal for Xavier Gimenez in the wake of Urbanowski's disputed strike wouldn't hold them back.

"I still say it was offside." Buns faithful Sherry Tan grumbled. "But whatever, they tried."

It was never that close for International against H.I. II.2 side Palus Lucius, although they did make the Italians mildly concerned, by pulling back to within one goal twice in their 2-4 defeat. Chua Jun Long and then Helmy Syamsuzaman weaved some magic to put it past David Galdeano, but Lucius honestly had it under control all the while.

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