14 March 2023
Special To U19

Today saw the Busy Bees switch from the Special One International World League, which RFC CINISELLO BEACH had won for the third time in four seasons, to the U19 league administrated by Belgium's BL Peruwelz. "A few clubs had left the Special league, and we needed a change of environment anyway." assistant coach Abdillah bin Mohd said. "New set of tactics to go up against."

There would be gossip from the Birds too, with the club reportedly having been scooped on two of their targets - Schellebelle Swans' Sebastian Keringer, and then Harja-Akatemia's Yordan Naydenov. Both went for three-plus million eventually, which Tian Yonghang noted he could well afford, but refused to fork out on principle.

"We are out for value here, and it's bad to make a habit of paying over the odds." the head coach explained. "You can get a reputation for that sort of thing."

There would also be rumours of Chia Kwang Tse getting frozen out of the national youth lineup due to training concerns, and Gandhik Chitre not having impressed the coaching setup on his first informal call-up, but Tian wasn't worried. "The wheat will rise in the end."

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