Claseek 5 - 1 Grilled Birds
League, Season 6330 October 2016 04:30 HTT
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In For The Blue

Djan Bacelar confirmed that the club had switched their focus over to the Sapphire Challenger Cup, not that the lineup left much to doubt. "The margin was painful, but we honestly didn't have the resources to make a real contest of this one."

"Parvathaneni and Chu got some much-needed seasoning here, though, and there's really no substitute for getting their feet wet against top opposition. They, together with Moey, might be called upon much more often starting from now, so they may as well get with it."

The victory boosted Claseek atop the league table, as the unseated Club Dinosauria - who beat Arcturules 4-1 away - on goal difference. They together with CoCoTeaTree Islanders made up the front pack, keeping level on ten points with a 4-0 thrashing of AkA FC, while The EV got into position a single point behind, edging Chemistry 2-1.

BENG UTD meanwhile improved against Farmer Bunnies, holding them to a one-all draw, a week or so after their defeat in the Sapphire Challenger Cup. Kwek Yun Jie gave the Bunnies a great start, as he scored classily from their first attempt, but BENG UTD veteran Ambrose Chang would leverage a reverse pass by Nassim Musa excellently, to equalise.

Head coach Sikong Darong was less than satisfied at the team's second-half showing. "I felt that they had a lot more to give. The visitors weren't pressing that hard, so we could have taken it to them far more often. I want to see some improvement in the lierde cup against FC Suasar on Monday."

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