Grilled Birds 3 - 3 Zambree FC
League, Season 5216 June 2013 04:30 HTT
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Don't Deserve It

Head coach Niculae Stanca was resigned after the match. "On one hand, I want to reprimand the players for getting themselves into this situation, but on the other, they were some exceptional strikes from Guiga. Not forgetting that lad Colby Wong, who at times seemed like he had a decade of experience behind him. Still, it's two points lost."

While Stanca didn't proffer an opinion as to whether the title was still in reach, Grilled supporter and finance executive Jeevan Venkatesh, 44, was of the opinion that it is all too late. "JUtd again looked absolutely imperious as they dismantled Young Tigers 5-0." Venkatesh analysed philosophically. "I don't see us, or anybody else for that matter, stopping them."

JUtd's lead was extended to seven points as the other three matches ended in 3-3 draws, with newbies throwing their lead away against SpartanSG in a mirror of Grilled's game, while Rapala FC had to rely on a later Pei Jingming equaliser to deny SKF F.C..

Grilled did have a small something to celebrate, as the Chicken Wings won the 22nd season of the National Youth League, amassing 39 points to 27 for second-placed Jeon Ji Hyun FC. While they had been confirmed champions for some times, this didn't stop them from racking up a 5-2 win against newbies are newbies Jr, with Fang Tong Rong starting off with a brace, and Chew Long Lai getting one after getting sent off in his latest two starts.

There were whispers around The Green Gridiron that Fang might well be superior to even current icon Mohd Safri bin Mohd Kassim at the same age, a sentiment that the man himself said had some merit. "I don't usually like to praise youth players, but Fang is special. Better or not, I'm not sure, but his 14 goals in 13 games so far speaks for itself."

News on another Wings kid wasn't as good, however, as despite Chew's strike, a cloud hands over the unruly forward. He had been forced to sit out for a month after his violent red against P-Locos, and scout Mok Feng De is beginning to be concerned that he may never reach his full potential.

"I think he's fallen in with bad company, but you know what they are like at this age. He has the world at his feet, but not for much longer if he doesn't change his ways."

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