04 June 2013
Kang Xin Gets Real

Italian Division Eight club Real Soletta recruited 17 year-old Lim Kang Xin, together with Polish lad Cezary Knura, today. Lim, who can play anywhere across midfield, or even from the back, put pen to paper on the S$138002 move today, sealing his immediate future with that of Soletta's, ahead of at least eight other interested parties.

These included fellow Italian rivals borundini, as well as FC Burgwies (Liechtenstein Division Four), Bisturí F.C (Peruvian Division Five), Baggiana Baggiana (Kazakhstan Division Four), FC Malbork (Polish Division Eight), Svappavaara BK (Swedish Division Five), Felix FT Defenders (Lebanon Division Four), as well as recent Singapore Cup finalists Dodogado.

Lim, who has been guaranteed to start against Noah's Arc of Israel in an international friendly alongside Knura, was overwhelmed by all the attention, but scout Lim Hock Puay (no relation) insisted that it was all legitimate.

"Kang Xin's a boy of many qualities, and is one who can develop in many directions. If at a club where there are opportunities, and I think Real Soletta is one, he should be able to explore them all and settle on what suits him best. If that happens, he can go places."

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