Grilled Birds 4 - 0 SpartanSG
League, Season 5114 April 2013 04:30 HTT
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That Went Well

Although Grilled won handily, it would have meant little in the bigger scheme of things had Rapala FC kept their distance, but CharlesCheesePie did their part in keeping the race open by taking the league leaders down, 2-0. Rapala weren't quite themselves at See Mee Lan Park, and they must know that they cannot afford a second slip-up against the impressive JUtd, who dismissed TTTNW without much ado.

While Robbie Football Club have been mathematically relegated for a fortnight now, the potency of their new defensive setup is coming through more and more, and newbies are newbies were made to sweat before eventually prevailing 3-2, as RFC pulled two back and threatened on the counter up until the final whistle.

The results leave the top five sides separated by only two points and all in with a realistic shout at the gong, with Rapala FC still prohibitive favourites. However, they do have JUtd next as mentioned, though SpartanSG might well find it in their interest to reserve their strength for a probable qualifier.

newbies are the other team to have a points advantage, but they likewise take on another title challenger in CharlesCheesePie next week. With the Pies already displaying their home strength in beating Rapala, getting something off them will be no gimmie, even for newbies.

Grilled might have the easiest run-in on paper going by current league position, being scheduled to go against the bottom two sides, but TTTNW are old rivals who might just pull out a season-defining performance, while as seen today Robbie Football Club are no longer the punching bags they once were.

Finally, JUtd and Pies not only have to confront the current top two, but further contend with each other on the final day. It would be some story of either of them managed the title under these circumstances, but they are certainly capable of it.

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