Grilled Birds 4 - 4 JUtd
League, Season 5124 February 2013 04:30 HTT
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Despite having to share the points, both Grilled and JUtd were left perching atop the table, as newbies are newbies crashed to an unexpected 7-3 loss against a magnificent Rapala FC. Although Daniel Leaşcu pulled a hamstring in the 30th minute, Michele Nanotti came in and had a stormer, inspiring Rapala to three goals in the next five minutes.

Head coach Niculae Stanca however remained furious at the team. "The entire half-time talk was about not being complacent, and by the looks of it, nobody cared. True, JUtd deserved at least a point, but we were in a position not to give it to them."

Seytek Djekshenkulov could not explain what had happened. "We were strolling along, and they got a second, and it all fell apart. We will have to take responsibility for this as a team. There are tough tests coming up against Dodogado and Chemistry, and there's no looking back."

CharlesCheesePie meanwhile dug out a 3-2 win at The Kherubim after going down to a slickly-executed Joachim November goal in the first half, leaving SpartanSG to rue having just five points after a series of top-drawer performances. With JUtd next on the menu, it's not looking up for the warriors.

TTTNW clambered to their first win with a 5-0 beating of Robbie Football Club, who attempted to outdo the counterattacking specialists at their own game, only to be overwhelmed. Nicolas Marissal began and ended the scoring, while RFC's expectations for a first goal in the league were busted when Ladislav Solich missed narrowly.

    Not Meant To Be
    Birds Extinct
    Chow Consolation
    Top Together
    Smooth Ascent
    Sure Reaction
    Curiosity Forestalled
    One Plan
    Catch Made
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