Dodogado 4 - 3 Grilled Birds
Tournament (Playoffs), Season 5125 February 2013 06:07 HTT
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Chow Consolation

Grilled captain Qassem Madaini refused to be too harsh on Dan Seng, even as some supporters railed at him for costing Grilled the match. "It was silly, but that's what young players do, make mistakes. Unfortunately for him, he's a goalkeeper and not a striker, so it will stick for awhile yet."

"This is part of why defenders and goalies only get great after years in the game - they need time to get all this out of their system. Anyway, I'm not sure if Edmund or Hovaness could have done much better for the other goals, and I'm sure they would agree."

Scallop Soccer Team cleared Fafane Club 3-1 in the other fixture to make the finals the third time running, and Niculae Stanca agreed that the duo had earned their place. "They've been comfortably been the two best clubs this tournament, so while I'm disappointed that we're not involved, fair's fair."

The Birds do have the consolation that Chow Ying Lee is likely to pick up the tournament top scorer award yet again with his eight goals, as closest challenger Povl Margies of Fafane Club ended his campaign on six. Chow is, however, apparently not too concerned. "I'm fully focused on Chemistry in the Cup now." the 26 year-old former U-20 star said.

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