Robbie Football Club 0 - 7 Grilled Birds
League, Season 5127 January 2013 04:30 HTT
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The Fight Begins

While Grilled went back to the top of the table, they were run close by newbies are newbies and Rapala FC, who both won by telling five-goal margins. newbies beat TTTNW 7-2 at Hell Hole despite the hosts leading 2-1 at one point after Ricardo Arrieta Martínez and Max Radenne struck in the 18th and 19th minutes, but they were soon overwhelmed by newbies' glittering all-rounded attack.

Rapala FC meanwhile relied on their engine room against SpartanSG, with Savva Veremeenko and company supplying so many bullets that they just had to hit some. Italian winger Tiberio Frizzi was overlooked twice and scored both times, with Swen Gemeinhardt saving some face for the Spartans.

Experienced duo CharlesCheesePie and JUtd shared the points in a departure from the trend, Wong Chang De's early brace answered in kind by Mexican wingback Maximiliano Domínguez on either side of half-time. National striker Zulharisan bin Mamud had probably the best chance to win it, but his shot was spectacularly parried by Lukas Gröne.

While Niculae Stanca could not find fault with the result, the Grilled head coach warned his players not to read too much into it. "Robbie are clearly preparing for the future and taking the short-term pain here. TTTNW may be without Nicolas Marissal, but new playmaker Abel Cana is among the best in this league from his record. We're taking nothing for granted."

The Chicken Wings meanwhile won their seventh match in a row with a 7-1 away win against Freezer at Absolute Zero, and all the hype about 16 year-old Santosh Manik appears deserved as he scored twice in a Man-of-the-Match outing. "The national U-20 side? We're not thinking that far ahead, but let's just say Manik should dream big." a proud Mok Feng De said.

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