14 January 2013
Last Bows

Rosendo Chinchay and Edvaldo Mourão decided to retire together after receiving less-than-savoury offers from other clubs, and the close friends are considering opening a tapas bar together on the outskirts of town. The duo had zero official appearances in the recently-concluded season, and just the one substitution on in the season before that, so it was pretty obvious that their time was up.

"Well, it's been a fine career, all said." 39 year-old Portuguese Mourão reflected. The nine-club journeyman counted amongst his fondest memories at Grilled the brace he scored against SAS Eagles. "You tend to remember that sort of thing."

Rosendo Chinchay's corresponding moment came against BDSM FC, when he scored the second in a pulsating 4-3 win at S.T.A.D.E D.E S.P.A.R.T.A. That took his all-time goal total up to eighty, where it stayed for the next four campaigns.

Where two journeys end, one might yet begin, though, as Niculae Stanca decided to bestow Sandy Fu with an official squad number after consulting with Luis Alcántara. "To be honest, he knows he's a borderline case, but we can do to take Sandy on for now, and consider his position again in a couple of months."

Grilled will not be taking 27 year-old wide midfielder Tan Meng Guang back as rumoured, however. Once hailed as a possible wonderkid with the Chicken Wings, he made something of a splash in his two senior games before moving to France, but Club Universidad de Chile's demand of S$3.8 million could not be countenanced.

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