Batavia Cavaliers 2 - 2 Grilled Birds
League, Season 4725 December 2011 04:30 HTT
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Two Two Twos

Grilled's was not the only game to end two-all, as Changi Genius held Arrogancae by the same margin to keep in touch, but like Grilled they will be disappointed at not having made the most of their openings. The contest between newbies are newbies and Shining Lights nearly ended the same too, but Pedro Lezaun gave Lights a 3-2 lead in the 75th minute which they kept till the end, a win which should boost them going into the Cup quarterfinals against Robbie Football Club.

The story of the day must however be heimu XI's giving up of a walkover to CharlesCheesePie, who ascended to top spot on the back of the effortless 5-0 result. Such happenings are seldom seen at this level, but according to unconfirmed reports from the heimu XI side, they had a legitimate explanation.

"We were preparing to leave the hotel for Blackwood Field the morning after our Christmas Eve party, when we found that the entire place had flooded." the source said. "Well, we thought it had flooded, but after making a few calls, we were told that there was no flood, merely ponding."

"Well, whether it was flooding or ponding, half of us couldn't swim, so there was no way we could get out to the team bus until the waters subsided, but we then discovered that water had gotten into the engine. At a loss, we dashed to the closest MRT station in the deluge, only to discover that the damn thing had broken down again, and by then several of us were coming down with a cold from all that exposure."

While CharlesCheesePie have expressed their condolences, it is unlikely that a replay will take place.

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