Grilled Birds 4 - 1 Hou-United
Friendly, Season 1706 November 2002 04:30 HTT
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Grilled BirdsHou-United
Tim Hobson (5)
Bert Persson (31)
Lan Tuan-Mu (85)
Xing Hua (86)
Weng Mun-tung (85)

Season 17L2 - 1Friendly

Hou's Dat?
Persson And Hua Take The Cake

The Birds' reserves proved superior to Hou-United's on this occassion as they pulled off a 4-1 victory, with two of the goals from unlikely sources. Hobson struck early from the right as he did against Winning Eleven, this time taking no more than five minutes.
Few expected Persson to go it alone in the 31st minute, against Ni Zhong-Loon, who seemed totally taken aback at the direct rush. A moment's hesitation proved fatal as Persson took a snap shot in the couple of seconds he was free, and it proved sufficient to beat young custodian Mar Yu-Wen. Though Grilled displayed without doubt more fluid movement, Hou-United was obviously in transition to the 3-5-2 formation and some players had difficulty in finding their places.

Hou-United came out strongly in the second half, with Zhong-Loon seeing it fit to test Balencia with a scorching left-footed attempt that beat him handily. To his dismay, Lan Tuan-Mu was guarding the left post and barely managed to put a foot in to redirect the ball. Tellskär came close with six minutes to go, and it seemed as if the game was set to finish two-nil when Tuan-Mu rewarded the fans who had remained with a nice piece of thinking as he slipped through the Hou-United backline.

Swede Jansson and local boy Weng Mun-tung gave the travelling fans something to cheer about when the striker crossed to the winger for a soaring header that had Balencia rooted to the ground. Their delight was shortlived as Per Palmann was outmatched by a exuberant Xing Hua in the dying seconds of the game as he simply made no effort to shadow the Grilled wingback. Hua responded by putting the ball in the goal with a solid shot to widen the final scoreline.

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