FC Percosaira 0 - 4 Grilled Birds
League, Season 1717 November 2002 04:30 HTT
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FC Percosaira Grilled Birds
Ma Dai-Lin (2)
Lan Tuan-Mu (22)
Tim Hobson (31)
Chen Chiew-Yen (33)

Season 17L1 - 2League

Percosaira Plugged
Thirty Minute Blitz

FC Percosaira, replacing Snowdogs in IV.11, were given a hot reception by Grilled Birds as Dai-Lin, Tuan-Mu, Hobson and Chiew-Yen struck home in the first half an hour of a game that started off brightly but petered off as it wore on. A hundred seconds was all it took for Ma Dai-Lin to open accounts on his own accord, as he twisted and turned free of Hock-Chai from a seemingly innocous position to discover that coverage was totally missing.
Percosaira was undaunted and surged forward with impetus, however achieving only a yellow card when Chun-Kun was a little too eager going in on Seng-kar. Grilled countered with a patient passing game, and Seng-kar picked out a advancing Tuan-Mu playing out of position in left-back. With acres of space, all he had to do was to pick his spot, but he instead opted for the spectacular and pumped the ball in the air. This time, it came off beautifully.

It took twenty minutes before the next one, but few would have been surprised had Hobson not scored his obligatory goal. This time, it was due to Tom Pence's experienced plotting on the left, where he cut back early to thread a simple direct ball to Hobson, who finished the business clinically.

Percosaira hardly had time to restart the game before Chiew-Yen took his first shot of the day, a mishit one which happened to be the first one Percosaira goalie Chian-fong managed to save. This proved to be a small respite as Chiew-Yen made amends a minute later, after Seng-kar had punished a defence intent to pass the ball out of danger by predicting Kumar's actions and giving the ball back to Chiew-Yen, who looked to be marginally offside. No complaint was raised, though, and the referee let the goal stand.

It looked to be a total mauling at this point but Percosaira instead continued to take the game to Grilled Birds, who displayed considerably less hunger as they looked content to follow Shung-Tat's orders to cool the play from the sidelines. Percosaira almost pulled one back in the second half as they fooled the Grilled wall with a well-rehersed routine, but the shot itself by Prakash was gathered by Bao-Tam at full stretch.

Grilled had just began to look threatening again when Chiew-Yen took left wingback Meng-Say's legs from under him in a violent tussle for the ball for the second time in the match, earning his second caution and an early shower. Meng-Say remained for only five minutes before the pain became too much and Hak-lay came in for him.

Despite Hobson's workrate as a lone pointman upfront, four defenders were simply too much and Hak-lay in particular proved to be a more than adequate substitute who took Hobson as his personal responsibility. Ricard Machado tried to slot into a forward position to provide support, with little success. The last ten minutes were played out in the home half.

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